PDF - Permits



Club may apply to Hockey SA for a playing permit under the Metropolitan Competition rules to allow a player who is otherwise ineligible to play in a particular competition. Hockey SA will consider each request, and will apply consistent interpretations for the granting or denying of the permit request.

Situations in which a permit may be granted include, but are not limited to:

  • Age ineligibility
  • Second game in (7) seven days 
  • To play in a grass competition where the player doesn’t meet the qualifications under Rule 1.5  
  • To play finals in a team the player has not qualified for.

Permits will be limited to (3) three per team per game.

A Club must apply to Hockey SA for a playing permit using the process prescribed by Hockey SA for that purpose, no later than 11:00 AM on the last business day before the match in question. Permit requests will not be processed beyond this time.

Hockey SA may accept or refuse an application under Rule 6.1 in its absolute discretion and may make any such permits conditional.

Club officials must complete all sections of the form prior to submission and may be required to supply follow up information if required by Hockey SA.

Approved and Denied permits will be uploaded to the website on Friday afternoon each week.