COVID-19 Update - Thu 19/3/20

COVID 19 Update

Hockey SA have announced ‘the Board of Hockey SA have agreed to postpone the start of all hockey competitions and activities (which includes training) in South Australia commencing immediately’
There are no further details at this stage, but there will be no games played this weekend.
As you would’ve seen from previous communications, BHC had already suspended training, trial games, club functions and official gatherings, so we are obviously in support of this decision and are glad all clubs can commence hockey at the same time (hopefully in the near future).
We will be in regular contact with HSA and the BHC community to give updates on the 2020 season.

Thanks to the BHC Committee and our friends at Adelaide University Hockey Club for leading the way on this issue. It is never easy to make decisions on behalf of hundreds of people that have far-reaching impacts into their lives and their participation and enjoyment of sport. The health and safety of our members, family and friends, and in this case the wider community, is paramount in all decisions.

It is important to stay fit, healthy & motivated for the 2020 season. I encourage all our teams and players to look after their individual fitness and come up with any innovative ways to interact, bond and continue to build their culture, game plans and excitement for taking the field.
Stay healthy and stay safe.


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