Community Coach

What is involved in becoming a Community Coach?
The Community Coach training program is designed to train coaches in the basic concepts of coaching including group management and organisation, conducting modified games, and activity safety and enjoyment.

It is an enjoyable and straightforward training program involving an online learning session, an applied learning quiz and a practical evaluation. 

Who should become a Community Coach?
The program is directed towards teachers, parents and other new coaches who are involved in Hookin2Hockey and modified versions of the game.

The Community Coach training program can be accessed as an educational resource for currently accredited individuals, as well as being a training requirement for those wishing to obtain their Community Coach accreditation.

How to get the qualification
Steps to complete the Community Coach accreditation training program:

1. View Competencies – To gain a Community Coach accreditation you must be able to demonstrate the required competencies.

2. Register Here – Register for an account on our learning platform HockeyEd. Please note that there is no fee required to complete your Community Coach accreditation.

3. Start Community Coach – This requires a HockeyEd account. The Community Coach program is in two parts:

  • Hockey specific online training program – includes an applied learning quiz which takes approximately half an hour to an hour to complete.
  • A practical evaluation of one session as a coach (45 mins minimum).