Level 1 Coach

Burnside Hockey Club is committed to encouraging our members to become qualified coaches. The club has initiated a Coaching Education Fund, where you will be reimbursed for the cost of attaining your Level 1, Level 2 and Advanced Coaching Accreditation. This pertains to the cost of registering, not travel, accommodation etc. Proof of your qualification and your bank details will need to be provided to finance@burnsidehockeyclub.com.au to guarantee your remuneration.

What is involved in becoming a Level 1 Coach?
The Level 1 Coach training program is designed to train coaches in the fundamental concepts of coaching, including group management and organisation, developing effective training sessions, performing the role of match-day coach, and ensuring the safety and enjoyment of players.

Who should become a Level 1 Coach?

The program is directed towards teachers, parents, players and coaches who are involved in coaching modified versions of the game or beginner level club hockey.

The Level 1 Coach training program can be accessed as an educational resource for currently accredited individuals, as well as being a training requirement for those wishing to obtain their Level 1 Coach accreditation.

How to get the qualification
There is no pre-requisite qualification needed to undertake the Level 1 Coach training program.

1. View Competencies – To gain a Level 1 Coach accreditation you must be able to demonstrate the required competencies.

2. Register Here – Register for an account on our learning platform HockeyEd.

3. Start Level 1 Coach – This requires a HockeyEd account. There is a registration fee of $50 to complete the Level 1 Coach program. The Level 1 Coach program is in three parts:

  • Community Coaching General Principles online course developed by the Australia Sports Commission (ASC). This takes between two and five hours to complete.
  • A practical evaluation of one training session and one match as a coach.
  • A one-day practical course, conducted by your state or territory hockey association.

The three parts can be completed in any order and in your own time. You will need to submit evidence of completion for the ASC Community Coaching General Principles online course to your HockeyEd Coordinator.