Registration & Fees

IMPORTANT CHANGE FOR 2021: Your weekly match fees ARE INCLUDED in your Club registration fees this year.

This makes the upfront payment a lot bigger than in previous years. However, the fees you pay in total will be similar to a normal full year (remember that 2020 was prorated down for the shorter season) 
Please contact , your team manager or a committee member if you wish to pay in installments

2021 Registration Information

To note:

How to Register

Click the link to register via the Hockey SA registration portal

Select ‘Register’ and follow the instructions. You will need to register as:

  • Hockey SA Under 9 – aged 8 or younger at 31/12/20
  • Hockey SA Juniors (U18) – aged between 9 and 17 at 31/12/20
  • Hockey SA Senior/Master – aged 18+ at 31/12/20
  • Hockey SA Officials – panel umpires that WILL NOT play in any grade/comp
  • Hockey SA Coach – coach that WILL NOT play in any grade/comp

You will be prompted to pay your Association Fees as applicable. See below for fee amounts.

Club Fees will then be invoiced according to what grade you will be playing. See below for fee amounts.

2021 Fee Structure

2021 Association Fees (Hockey SA and Hockey Australia)

These fees MUST be payed before a player can take the field.
CategoryHockey SAHockey AustraliaTOTAL PAYABLE
Hockey SA Under 9$22$0$22.00
Hockey SA Juniors (U18)$30$31.50$61.50
Hockey SA Senior/Masters$75$43$118
Hockey SA Officials
Panel umpire who will NOT playing
Hockey SA Coach
Coaches who will NOT be playing

Burnside Hockey Club Fees 2021

Fees this year INCLUDE your weekly pitch fees.

Full amount to be paid upon registration with Sports Vouchers able to be claimed after
GradeEarly Bird Price
(pay on or before 31/5/21)
Full Price
(pay after 31/5/21)
Junior – U9$173.90$185
Junior U11$263.20$280
Junior U13$380.70$405
Junior U15 & U18$502.90$535
Upgrade – Junior also playing Seniors
(paid in addition to Junior Fee)
Senior PL-M1$817.80$870
Senior M2-6$592.20$630
Masters Only$446.50$475
Upgrade – Senior also playing Masters
(paid in addition to Senior Fee)
Social 8
available for up to 8 matches. Full rates apply after this time. Only available in M2-M6. Please contact
(with own gear/equipment)
50% of club registration component (no discount off pitch fees)