Under 11 Grade Local Rules

Field size: 55m * 45m (1/2 Field) with standard circle (this can be marked with flat strips or permanent)

Players: 8 players per side which could include an optional goalkeeper. (mixed gender preferable if numbers permit)

Goal size: As available to the club, provided they are no greater than the standard goal width and are consistent at each end of the field. This could be a ‘standard hockey goal’, witches hats, markers, the plastic bollards used by local council etc.

Ball: Kookaburra – Joey Ball or standard hockey ball

Game time: 2 x 25 minutes halves

Umpires: Two umpires per game with each team being responsible for supplying 1 umpire.

Coaches: Coach allowed to briefly enter playing area to assist players with learning and positioning and to coordinate regular player rotations through positions.

Scoring goals: Goals can be only be scored from inside the circle

Player rules:
Pushing, slapping and hitting allowed
No raised balls permitted, including while shooting
Corner (long corner) rule not in play, halfway restart to attacking team
No shooting on goal from a free pass, unless the ball travels 5 yards prior to the shot.
4 v 3 penalty corner allowed and facemasks required. During the penalty corner, all players that are not directly involved in the penalty corner must retreat to the opposite circle until the ball has been injected for the push out position.
No tomahawks permitted.