U13 teams are split into Boys and Girls competitions and then either A or B categories.  Depending on numbers and teams overall ability the ranking of the team will be decided by the Junior Committee at the start of every season.

Under 13 Grade Local Rules
Field size: Full field with a standard circle.

Players: 11 players per side including optional goalkeeper (single sex)

Goal size: Standard goals

Ball: Normal hockey ball

Game time: 2 x 25 minutes halves

Umpires: Two umpires per game controlling the whole field (mentoring allowed)

Coaches: Normal positioning and coaching rules apply- player rotation strongly encouraged to ensure development in all positions

Scoring goals: Goals can be only be scored from inside the circle

Player rules:
Pushing, slapping and hitting allowed
Raised balls permitted
Tomahawk permitted
Corner (long corner) rule in play
Penalty corner allowed and facemasks encouraged

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