Welcome to the 2019 Season

We are in full swing getting ready for the 2019 season.  Anyone and everyone can play for Burnside Hockey Club. Juniors, men, women and masters. All skill levels from elite to beginner to later in life return to hockey.

Why should you play for Burnside?

  • We offer  a family friendly fun environment and the opportunity to make new friends and develop fitness.
  • We love the sport and the excitement it has to offer regardless of what level it is being played.
  • We provide good quality coaches who will pass on their knowledge and experience and help players develop their skills.

If you are looking for a club or think you might give hockey a try then contact us. We will be happy to talk through the many levels of hockey, opportunity and extensive fun community we have. From our Director of Hockey Jeff Dry down we are passionate about developing your hockey no matter what your starting point.

For any enquiries please email or phone one of the following key members of Burnside Hockey Club, or give us your name and mobile and we will get right back to you.

For Seniors and Masters Hockey contact Jeff Dry
  or 0408 254 489

Everything you need to know for Senior’s and Masters hockey is outlined in detail under the Teams and Training Tab.

For Juniors contact  Sarah Stroeher
or 0412 840 105

Everything you need to know for Juniors hockey is outlined in detail under the Teams and Training Tab.